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14.1 (Display images)

Write a program that displays four images in a grid pane, as shown in Figure 14.43a. Use flags of you own choosing, Minimal size 120x80 px.



(Tic-tac-toe board) Write a program that displays a tic-tac-toe board, as shown in Figure 14.43b. A cell may be X, O, or empty. What to display at each cell is randomly decided. Use X and O in your display.


(Move the ball) Write a program that moves the ball in a pane. You should define a pane class for displaying the ball and provide the methods for moving the ball left, right, up, and down, as shown in Figure 15.24c. Check the boundary to prevent the ball from moving out of sight completely.

move ball


(Auto resize cylinder) Rewrite Programming Exercise 14.10 so that the cylinder’s width and height are automatically resized when the window is resized.


(Select geometric figures) Write a program that draws various figures, as shown in Figure 16.36b. The user selects a figure from a radio button and uses a check box to specify whether it is filled.

select geometric figures

F1 - optional exercise

(Set clock time) Write a program that displays a clock and sets the time with the input from three text fields. Use properly placed rectangles as clock hands.

F2 - optional exercise

(bind slider properties) Use a slider to change properties of a Node. Use all properties that use double as the underlying value is a useful way. Think of x and y position, rotation, opacity or transparency etc.