Configure your working environment.

we will be using a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) created by the University of Helsinki. This course provides both the course material and exercises that you can do with an IDE. We choose to use NetBeans IDE, which will also be used in the exams at the end of this course. To use this MOOC effectively, you use a tool called Test My Code, TMC for short, which is a plugin to the IDE.

To work with this tool you need to install (in the given order):

  1. Java (at least Java 8)

  2. Netbeans IDE (at least 8.2)

  3. The TMC plugin (to be installed in netbeans IDE).

To install the plugin to NetBeans, start netbeans, go to Tools→Plugins→Settings and add TMC under Certified Plugins by pressing the add button and add TMC as name and as url.

Install TMC Plugin

For netbeans 9.0, you should use the url instead.

Working with Test My Code (TMC) and the MOOC.

The Massive Open Online Course is developed by the University of Helsinki. The course is self-paced, which is made possible by the fact the code exercises as NetBeans-IDE projects include test code to test your solution.

To take part in the course, find the course material at

To make the exercises, you need to create an account at (signup) using your student number (a 7 digit number typically starting with a 2 or 3) and a password you select yourselves.
Then choose the Fontys Hogeschool Venlo as organisation, after which you can find the exercises in week order. The PRC1 course consists of two parts.
We have configured the exercises such that you must achieve a certain level for each week (typically 80%) before you may continue to the next week. You are allowed to choose a faster pace then the weekly schedule that is suggested by the exercise sets.

  1. Part 1 Programming Concepts

  2. Part 2 Programming Concepts

When you are stuck with an exercise, you may upload it for review, on which one of the teachers or students assistants may help you.

Performance assessment preparation

Click here for more information on how to prepare for the performance assessment.